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The NAOSA Mission is Simple

Protect our Senior Population by publicizing unethical business practices across as many industries as possible.

Who We Are

National Association of Senior Advocates (NAOSA) is the first organization to bring together professionals from multiple industries who are mutually bound by a higher standard of business conduct, The National Association of Senior Advocates Gold Standards of Professional Practice™. (Learn more about NAOSA Gold Standards.)

These NAOSA Gold Standards go above and beyond many legal and professional organization requirements, demanding one simple business practice: do what is right for the consumer, young or old.

NAOSA is both Pro-Business and Pro-Consumer. We are a group of professionals who understand that treating people honestly and ethically, and doing what is in the clients’ best interest (and not what is in our own personal interest) will bring us tremendous success in our business and personal lives.

The goals of NAOSA are simple yet important. We aim to:

  • Protect consumers
  • Highlight the “good guys” – the professionals and businesses who put their clients’ best interests first and foremost.
  • Be THE reliable source for straightforward consumer advice as well as ethical professionals who treat their clients with honesty and integrity.

This is how we are different – and better


  • Does not use unreliable, easily manipulated star rating systems to determine the good from the bad professional or business.
  • Does not charge its business professionals excessive advertisement fees, nor additional fees to be placed on the top of the list. All professional members are treated equally.
  • Is the only organization that offers a trusted, dependable and credible solution that matches seniors with ethical and virtuous businesses that ensures the safety and peace of mind of this nation’s growing senior population.
  • Works with various organizations and agencies to report senior abuse and unethical business practices.

Did you know?

NAOSA is the first organization to define what industry insiders already know are unethical business practices in their various industries. And this is what many don’t realize: although these practices are often legal, NAOSA industry experts agree that they are not in the best interest of consumers.

Caveat Emptor – or, “Buyer Beware”, the current legal standard for many professions - is not in our members’ standard operating procedures. The question: “Is this in the best interest of my client?” is the standard under which our professional members operate.