Beware of Driveway Sealant Scams: Insights from Consumer Reports and BBB

Beware of Driveway Sealant Scams: Insights from Consumer Reports and BBB

When it comes to protecting your driveway and maintaining its longevity, opting for a quality sealant seems like a prudent choice. However, recent reports from reputable sources like Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) shed light on a concerning trend: driveway sealant scams. Consumer Reports Findings: Consumer Reports, a trusted voice in product […]

National Slam the Scam Day is March 7th.

National Slam the Scam Day

March 7th marks the annual Slam the Scam Day, designated by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This day serves as a crucial reminder that scammers target individuals of all ages. Sadly, older adults remain particularly vulnerable to these fraudulent schemes, exploiting vulnerabilities we’re all too aware of. Join us and the SSA in our collective […]

Tax Fraud is on the Rise!

IRS Scam

The scam involving fake tax returns is happening again this year. The scam targets individuals like you, aimed at stealing your sensitive personal information, particularly your Social Security Number (SSN), for fraudulent purposes, which includes filing a fraudulent tax return and stealing your refund. Here’s how the scam works: Scammers obtain your SSN through various […]

Check Fraud is surging! Don’t get scammed!

Check Fraud is surging! Don't get scammed!

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service as well as the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has issued advisories relating to recent surges in check fraud. Fraudsters are stealing paper checks from the U.S. Mail by targeting blue U.S. Postal Service (USPS) collection boxes as well as personal (home) mailboxes. There has also been an uptick in […]

Preventative Tips for Avoiding Scams

Recognize Swindlers at First Contact Scammers often pose as public servants, distant relatives, non-profit organizations, or representatives from familiar companies when approaching their targets. Verify who you are speaking with before sending someone money or communicating your personal information, especially if the unexpected request originates from text messages, phone calls, or emails. Never Send Money […]

Common scams used to defraud Older Adults

Medicare & Health Insurance Scams In these types of scams, perpetrators may pose as a Medicare representative to get older people to give them their personal information, or they will provide bogus services for older adults at makeshift mobile clinics, then use the personal information they provide to bill Medicare and pocket the money. IRS […]

Voice Cloning!  Scammers use AI to enhance their family emergency schemes

Unfortunately, Artificial Intelligence is now being used by scammers. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a family member in distress, be wary. If it sounds like your grandson claiming he just wrecked his car or is in jail, try to take a pause. It could be a scammer. Scammers can now […]

The Contact Lens Rule

The Contact Lens Rule is a regulation issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States that governs the sale of contact lenses to consumers. The rule requires that contact lens prescribers provide patients with a copy of their contact lens prescription, and that contact lens sellers verify the prescription with the prescriber […]

Not Enough Baby Formula Means Plenty Of Scammers

Scammers exploiting the high demand for baby formula have sunk to new lows. They’re popping up online and tricking desperate parents and caregivers into paying steep prices for formula that never arrives. Scammers may set up fake websites or profiles on social media platforms with product images and logos of well-known formula brands — all […]