Who We Are

National Association of Senior Advocates (NAOSA) is a professional association comprised of ethical professionals, across multiple industries, offering:


Non-biased Advice

NAOSA’s member professionals and companies offer non-biased advice in every industry they represent. In fact, the members of NAOSA assisted in the creation of best practices in their industries, the National Association Gold Standards of Professional Practice™.

All NAOSA professionals pledge to be clear and transparent in their pricing and strive to eliminate the numerous gray areas that exist in various business practices, even if they are considered legal. If you are searching for a true professional to assist you or a loved one, contact a NAOSA professional today. Click here to Find a Professional in your area.



National Association of Senior Advocates and its member professionals and companies educate consumers on best practices in the numerous industries they represent. If you or a loved one needs non-biased information, contact an NAOSA member today.

NAOSA and its member professionals also offer onsite seminars. Contact NAOSA directly if you are interested in an onsite seminar.



National Association of Senior Advocates professionals are trusted advisors held to the highest standards possible. NAOSA and its member professionals and companies advocate on behalf of consumers by serving as a resource and voice for all consumers who have been exploited. Contact NAOSA or one of its professional members directly if you or loved one needs assistance.


What We Do

We protect seniors and all consumers from common, unethical business practices that occur across numerous industries and professions.

The NAOSA goal is to lead the way nationally in senior advocacy with our network of credible, mission-driven professionals and ensure that all seniors are protected in the golden years of their life. We are the only organization that offers trusted, dependable and credible professionals and companies to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our growing and expanding senior community.

Consumer members receive updates and important information to protect from scams and unscrupulous business providers and professionals – for FREE. Click here to become a free Consumer Member.

NAOSA members are the most trustworthy in their industries. How do we know this? All NAOSA members must go through a thorough vetting process that includes a background check, client satisfaction checks via online reviews and other online resources.

All member professional licenses are also reviewed. Members must agree with the NAOSA Code of Ethics and Gold Standards of Professional Practice™. It is not an easy process, and NAOSA has already denied membership to numerous individuals. We censure any professionals who do not adhere to our strict standards. For more information on the vetting process, check out  The NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ as well as the NAOSA Professional Finder.





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