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A nationwide coalition of businesses and professionals held to the highest standards, united in the mission to prevent bad business practices and scams targeting older adults.

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When you work with NAOSA members, you are choosing to work with professionals who offer a unique blend of expertise and unwavering dedication to serving you. Our members are not just experts in their respective fields; they are also passionate advocates for consumer protection, with a relentless commitment to stopping scams, fraud, and bad business practices. They are dedicated to making a difference.  

Choosing a NAOSA member means selecting a trusted partner committed to high ethical standards and dedicated to helping you make the right choices. In a world of options, our members stand out, making a real difference for you. Learn more about our member vetting process.

Consumer Guides: Read These Guides Before Making a Purchase


NAOSA, in collaboration with industry experts, has developed consumer guides to assist older adults in making well-informed purchasing decisions. These guides offer valuable insights and outline specific business practices that consumers should prioritize when working with professionals, the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™, These Gold Standards are widely recognized as industry best practices and are mandatory for all NAOSA members. Whether you choose to work with a member of NAOSA or not, insist on these practices and use the giudes with confidence!

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What Our Members Say

An independent organization like NAOSA is really needed. It’s so hard to find the right information these days and even harder to find businesses and professionals who I know I can trust. Thank you NAOSA!

    Jim W. CPA - Retired
    Jim W. CPA - Retired

    Lakeland, Florida

    The NAOSA consumer guides are great. Clear explanations, without all the complex language, is extremely important in helping me make the right decision.

      Elizabeth M. - Consumer
      Elizabeth M. - Consumer

      Potomac, Maryland

      NAOSA has brought me tremendous value when networking with like-minded professionals, it has really helped me stand out from the crowd. I highly recommend it.

        Sarah H. - NAOSA Member
        Sarah H. - NAOSA Member

        Austin, Texas

        In a world filled with mistrust and spin, honesty and integrity offer a tremendous opportunity for professionals and businesses who do business the right way.

          Anthony L. Cinotti
          Anthony L. Cinotti

          Founder of National Association of Senior Advocates

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